How to Prevent Bed Bugs At Home

Checking for bed bugs is the best way to prevent a bed bug problem.

  • Be sure to clean your home on a regular basis and search for the bugs. To prevent bed bugs from coming back to an area that was infested, inspection and cleaning are your best defenses. Your bedding and bed frames should be vacuumed thoroughly. Bedding must be machine washed and dried using high heat.
  • Your curtains, furnishings, carpeting and mattresses should be vacuumed. Don’t buy used furniture and never take furniture you find in the street. This includes frames (not just upholstered pieces) because wood is one place that eggs may be hiding.
  • Sometimes, bed bugs may be present in previously used furniture or clothing. When purchasing secondhand furniture, always have it inspected by a professional for signs of infestation. It’s best to not buy used furniture.
  • Get protective and box spring covers mattress that are certified for bed bugs. These will trap bed bugs and stop them from biting you.
  • Household clutter must be reduced as much as is practical.
  • Use caulking to seal cracks and crevices, whether or not you have bed bugs. This will help stop bed bugs and other vermin from getting into your home.
  • Wash your clothing in hot water and dry them using the high heat setting. This is very important when you return from a vacation.