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The Best Pest Control Techniques

Pest control refers to the process of managing a certain species usually of insects because photo of mouse pestof the detrimental effects on human health, agricultural products, ecology or the economy. Those can be anywhere from the ants creeping up in your kitchen to cockroaches living within buildings to insects covering an agricultural area and causing a decrease in productivity and agricultural yield. While most often, incidents occur with insects, it is possible that there will be a pest issue with bigger animals such as mice and pigeons. Controlling pests becomes necessary when you see that the problem is getting out of hand. You will see the offending species taking over a certain space and negatively impacting the environment. Pests can cause diseases that affect human health or compromise the living conditions within the area.

Since infestation most often occurs because of a human activity, perhaps the most effective method of controlling pests is to treat the problem at its root cause, by removing the original causes of the increased pest population. This will ensure that the problem is avoided in the long term. However, there are cases where this becomes very difficult. Below are examples of modern methods of pest control used by exterminators:

– Mechanical control consists of physically removing the offending species or using a barrier such as fences to prevent animals from getting into the gardens.

– Biological pest control uses predators to hunt down pests and scare them from frequenting the space. An example would be using a cat to discourage mice from coming into homes.

– Poison such as having poisoned foods to attract pests and kill them once they eat it. Slow acting poisons are carried back to the nest and kill much more.

– Pesticides are perhaps the most common ways of pest control used in agricultural areas and mostly to eliminate insects and prevent them from growing inside and eating the produce. Pesticides are widely used by exterminators as a means of treating infestations.

– Space fumigation targets all kinds of pests and is usually used when the space is badly infested. The fumes and chemicals used are usually toxic and all the residents must empty the space for few days or even weeks.

– Traps are also an effective and common pest control method used today specifically to remove rats and mice from homes. They are usually a snap trap that literally traps the animal in a device, or a glued piece of cardboard. Typically a piece of cheese is used to attract the animal.

– Eco-Friendly treatments don’t require pesticides. Both heat and freezing treatments are now being used, when there is a concern over the use of chemical pesticides.

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  1. ralph lauren シャツ says:

    to the guy, I hope I am not buying a chair with bebdugs. I didn’t even know what to look for b/c I never saw a bed bug before but heard that they are a big big nuisance. He delivered the sofa and in about 3-4 weeks maybe earlier we started seeing what looked like mosquito bites on my 2yr old twin and my oldest daughter. I kept praying that it wasn’t bebdugs. I was unable to sleep b/c something was also biting me at nights in the said sofa and kept searching the house for any signs of bebdugs. On the morning of 9/10/11 about 5 am I went in to my daughters room and saw a brownish reddish bug trying to run away , Man I freaked ,I knew right away it was a bed bug. We bombed the entire house and sprayed the furniture/mattress , but further research made me aware this was not going to be effective, so I read several forums of other experiences and decided to order food grade DE which I received 9/16. I vacuumed , wash and put what I couldn’t wash in the dryer for 1 hr and then tied them in plastic garbage bags. I put DE down and vacuumed after 48 hrs and put more DE down. I got little plastic containers and put DE in it and put the legs of the bed in it. I put plastic zippered bed covers on both the mattress and the base of every bed in the house and taped the zippered area as a precaution. I of course threw out the sofa immediately. No on has gotten bite since 9/10. I found 3 bugs 2 days after putting down DE they died within 24hrs of coming in contact with the powder. Around 5:30 am 10/1 a bedbug crawled up on the beige sofa I was sitting in (I had moved another beige sofa that I had to the same spot the infected couch was in , after treating the area ) I caught it and put it in some DE. It crystallizes and dies within 24 hrs. On 10/13 another bug covered in powder crawled up on the couch and unto a pillow by my head 1 am (I am always using my laptop in that room while watching the girls and fall asleep there most nights at about 3am.) I caught it and it also died within the 24hr time frame. I still vacuum and wash and dry daily but the DE made it easier for me to relax a little. No One has gotten bitten since 9/10/11. I strongly recommend Food Grade DE for bed bugs.

  2. hacked gmail says:

    great article i liked it..As everyone else I need all info on how to rid of these suekcrs I am a mother of 3 and lived in same house for 4 yrs now not sure what was the source of getting them only thing i can think we got new was puppy who also brought..ticks and have never had a problem with them either. Its sucha scary thing and i cannot afford an exterminator and i also heard that most cannot treat them unless they specialize in bed bugs I am freaked out and discusted!!!! They say hygeine doesnt effect it but i cannot help trying to clean everything and well of course no luck I also got a new couch yesterday from a friend moving and afraid it will get them becaus ei have no where to store it until i get rid or lower chances ADVICE PLEASE!!!! will any mattress cover work I will tape seams JIC dont care about comfort my bed already sucks haha 🙂 I was hopeing to replace it with income tax but wanna get rid of this stuff before it ruins that too I have small storage shed and i am bagging item not used to put in there to gather heat and kill any that may be in items.. I dont believe i have them severe but dont want it to go that far

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