Bed Bug Control Center™ Mission Statement
1. To make sure you get top quality state-of-the-art services that are proven effective in the fight against bed bugs and administered by experienced professionals
2. To make sure you receive competitive pricing for such services.

There are a number of licensed exterminators who simply don’t have the complete range of specialized treatments that are needed to effectively treat for bed bugs. Yet these exterminators routinely take on the task of eliminating bed bugs, without the full complement of resources that we have access to. This may explain why some quotes may be very low and support the old saying “You Get What You Pay For”. Through our affiliation with a number of licensed exterminators, we are able to refer your work to the best people for the job at hand.

                                           Treatments & Services
may be performed by an individual or by specially trained bed bug sniffing K9 dogs. K9s can sniff out bed bugs that are in hiding and not visible to the naked eye.

In addition to the pesticides normally used, our affiliations can provide:

Heat Cloud™: This treatment is completely chemical-free and always used on your bedding and sofas. In this way you never have a chemical residue where you sit or lay.

Cryonite™ treatment: This method utilizes freezing to kill insects and bugs without chemicals. It is used in some unique situations.

It is our practice to you call you back sometime after your treatment, as a follow up, to make sure that you are satisfied and of course to see if the extermination was effective. It is this quality control that insures a high level of ongoing service.

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Bed Bug Control Center™
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P.S. Please don’t be fooled by bargain prices. Bed bugs spread very quickly so make sure the extermination is done right the first time.

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  1. プラダ メンズ says:

    My husband and I moved in a home where the last ttnanes had a dog left a mattress in the home that was infested with bed bugs. After throwing out the mattress and cleaning the house up & down my kids seen 3 in their room where the infested mattress was. Well we freaked out immediately, throw out 2 good mattresses & box springs and called Orkin. Orkin gives free estimates, the found them in 2 rooms, had us bag all worn clothes in zip bags after putting them in the dryer, then charged $600 just for the 2 rooms. Well after wasting $600 on Orkin and still not allowing our children to go into the 2 rooms. We were finding bites on everyone in the house, either coming from the living room or the master bedroom where us and our 5 kids were sleeping until we were able to buy more beds for the children. Orkin charge to come back out no warranty! I called a recommended pest control who charges $150 to treat the whole house, carpet, & furniture who was kind enough to charge $100 cause we just got screwed out of $600 he sprays the house & come back out 2 weeks later sprays again then every 2 months for 4 more treatments at $30 each with a warranty. We also got mattress covers. Its been ok so far, let’s keep our fingers crossed cause the thought of them biting my kids/babies at night was making me have emotional breakdowns, extremely depressed. Remember, brush and flip your mattresses every 3 months, if possible get a mattress cover, and until you finish treatments everything you and your kids wear, wash or put in the dryer immediately. Don’t waste your money on the big names small pest control companies will do more for less will get the job done especially for recommendations to get their name known, big companies don’t care they are already known, and will charge u a arm leg with no warranties on things they know may come back.

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