How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

We receive many calls from people who believe they have bed bugs. Some want immediate and assured relief from the agonies of itching due to continued biting, while others are looking for ways to tackle the problem themselves.

We offer the latest solutions to all bed bug infestations whether being treated professionally or by you. Since you have already identified the presence of a bedbug infestation, here is how to get rid of bed bugs.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Where Are The Bed Bugs?

Since you know the signs, now is time to do a thorough check of your premises. Bed bugs will tend to breed and infest areas where humans are at night. This may include beds, couches, chairs, blankets and should be the focal points of your inspection.

Remember you are looking for blood spots, fecal deposits, the small salt-like eggs and dead skins.

The checklist includes: mattresses, box springs, bed ruffles, headboards, frames, wall hangings, electric sockets and switches and anything else on the walls. Around windows check any materials like drapes or curtains. To be thorough, in your bedroom(s) remove check the drawers top and bottom paying special attention to any small crevices or cracks in the wood.

This will give you a good idea what areas need to be treated for a bed bug infestation.

Killing Bed Bugs

 Keep a supply of plastic bags available to isolate anything that may have the bugs.

Basic Bed Bug Control

A)     Using the hard edge of your vacuum hose/attachment (no brushes), scrape and remove any visible areas of infestation. Remove the dust bag or dust-container contents and place into a plastic bag. Seal and discard.

B)     Steam Iron or Steamers that produce 120 degrees will kill bedbugs and their eggs on contact.

C)     Wash and Dry: All clothing, soft toys, sneakers and fabrics should be washed on HOT and dried on HOT. Place these in plastic bags before washing and discard the bags after you remove the contents for washing. Clean out your closets completely. Open and unpack boxes and luggage.

D)     Throw Away infested items, especially if they are old and can use replacement. Bag these before disposing in trash.

E)      Mattress and Box Spring Encasement: It is not necessary to discard bedding. After treatment, you can use a quality set of encasements to trap any remaining bed bugs. After a year or so, they will die.

F)      Eliminate Bed Bug Hangouts: Using a clear or paintable caulk to seal any wall or floor cracks or openings. Check around plumbing, heat/air ducts, electrical sockets/switches for holes. In room keep your stuff to a minimum like loose clothing or papers.

 Chemical Bed Bug Control – Pesticides!

Don’t be stingy here. Treat the areas around where you found signs of infestation as well as the infested area itself. When spraying furniture, turn it over and spray the underside as well as the top. Buy the best bed bug spray available.

 Bed Bug Patrol

We strongly urge you to re-inspect for bed bugs every 3 weeks. Be alert to any new bites you may be getting. Bed bug control may have to be repeated every 3-4 weeks until all signs of the infestation are gone.

If all this seems a big job then you understand perfectly. Calling a professional pest control exterminator will make the job easier and give you a better result the first (and hopefully only) time. If you are in New York City please call the Bed Bug Control Center (347-292-7494)
for the most effective exterminating service available.


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  1. exterminator says:

    Most effective and sipmle tool for making sleeping place and clothes bed bug free is a micro-wave oven.I am amazed not one of your articles mentions this and should be the first thing anyone who has just discovered bedbugs should equip themselves with.As soon as you awake put each duvet cover, pillow case, sheet, pyjama, pants, night wear- whatever you were wearing in the Micro wave SEPERATELY.For that reason buy small size pillows that will fit in your microwave.This is a serious business and you must equip yourself with the correct hardware so that YOU CAN SLEEP SOUNDLY AGAIN.No Sleep is awful and you must get back good sleep before you will have the strength to really get seriousAlso if you live alone a good long mirror to observe the centre section of your own back as it is very hard to inspect this.You will need a small mirror as well to hold in your hand.Buy lots of small hooks and clothes hangers to allow you to suspend as many clothing items as possible.I know you advise that hair is good prevention against bites but first need is to FIND them so SHAVE OFF ALL BODY hair.It is no good not being sure that they are there or not. You have to know FOR SURE.gO TO CHEMIST and buy a small disposable syringe so that you can suck in freshly boiled water to drop VERY hot (not boiling obviously) in small locations where you think there may be a bug. This prevents you scratching and will kill the bastard.PLEASE ADVISE public to test how hot they can stand the water.I dont want to scald anybody but if you apply the very hot water from the syringe in small drops it will cause NO HARM but kill the little critter.It is useful when you find them on your sheets too as they die in one piece and can be removed without mess.Get a hairdryer.First vaacuum your floor/carpet as well as possible with a NEW VacuumBag, which you will use only for anti bed bug vaccuuming.Now get hairdryer and turn on and test how close it needs to be to SCALD (not burn) your carpet. Go over the carpet systematically. It takes ages but this is the best way I know of steralising your carpet of eggs, which WILL BE THERE.Also you can use the Hairdryer to go over your body.When they feel the heat the buggers drop off. So stands on a white material AND YOU WILL SEE THEM.I have just got over a bed bug attack and because I quickly found out that ALL SPRAYS ARE USELESS I had to work out how to get my normal life back.Going without sleep is really horrible experience.And any sane person will dread the thought of those little fokkers crawling through your hair and back.One night I felt them on my back and spun over, removed my shirt and TWO fell out and started to crawl away.They are very clever and know EXACTLY which part of your body you cannot inspect.If this has been any help please get back to me and I will provide more advice and will be prepared to write out a complete effective way of treating this problem as all sprays are of little help beyond giving you a worse rash than the bugs themselves.

  2. Isiah says:

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    How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs |

  11. uggs youth size 5 ugg boots says:

    I first found out that I had them last night! I was just about to go to bed, after reading, and while stniitg I noticed something crawling along the bed by me . I squished it and there was BLOOD! I instantly flipped out. I threw my blanket, pillows on the ground and flipped my mattress and found two more!! I killed them but while looking for others underneath I couldn’t find any. Thinking that, those were the only ones I put the mattress down and looked at one orange pillow that I rest my back on and saw something move and sure enough when I put it on my bed there they all were in a little corner. I of course instantly freaked out, choked up, and stomach and heart sank. I ran to tell my mom and she was curious because if they were all there . why wasn’t I getting bitten? Only time I noticed any bug bites was when I started cleaning in my room once and woke up to what I thought was a spider bite. Next day or so I had another one but a bit farther away from the first. After that I didn’t see anymore bites. Could you have bed bugs and sometime not be bitten or show signs of the bite mark? What can I do to get rid of them? The same night I got two garbage bags and put the orange pillow in it and left it on the back porch and going to put it in the garbage can today ( was 1 am when I noticed them.) I am also washing my sheets and all of my clothes, to be on the safe side I bagged the clothes I’m going to wash in garbage bags and keep them in my room for the time being while the others are washing. Not to mention getting rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore and things to throw out too. I’m going to also vacuum my room like crazy and after doing so take the vacuum bag out and rebag it and throw it out. I am just so afraid that because of me they spread throughout my house!! But the rest of my family haven’t complained of any bites or seeing anything. I don’t know how long they have been in that pillow. I’m hoping that pillow was home base . sheesh even after the initial shock last night I’m still shaken. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!!

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  13. Vera says:

    Cornell’s Brian Wansink, PhD, found in things like olive oil and avocados, will help.

  14. My husband and I retend a very upscale condo for a week in Mexico. No problems then last night there he wakes up in morning with back covered in bites. I have 4 on one leg and then 8 on other leg next day. Can you be somewhere for 9 days no problems and then you have a problem last day or are there other types of bites. What are the chances of bringing them home in your clothes. If your clothes were hanging up the whole time can you still bring them back. How will I know if I brought them home?

    • owner says:

      If your room was infested- a very good chance. Have all you clothes washed in hot water and dried on high heat…that will kill the bed bugs and thier eggs

  15. cheap michael kors bags says:

    How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs |My family saeytd at Kalahari/Sandusky in Jan., 2011. 3 of the young people (21-24 yrs.old) with us, got red bumps like what you have. We were worried that they where from bed bugs. It turned out that it was from the soap they use. I know it sounds wierd that all 3 had a reaction to the soap. But they all used the same bathroom. They were fine in a few days.If these bites/bumps haven’t gone away in a few days then it could be bed bugs. But that sucks if Kalaqhari has them.

  16. i went to a dermatologist and she told me it was alerlgies go figure! i have been itching welting and very upset when i finally today pulled bed apart and seen bed bugs ..ugg i am so mad cause they came from my sister she had them but she called them red ants go figure washed all the linens .. should i sue my dr and beat my sister down serious its gonna cost 300.00 for the upstairs and i didn’t go as far as talking about the rest of the house should you do the whole house???

  17. fake oakleys radarlock says:

    How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs |I’m curious I just got new fntiurure from a rent a center we got it on Friday left for the weekend come home last night sat on the sofa for a few hours and had bedbugs all over us. The store is saying it had to come from our home? We have never experienced any bed bugs what so ever but I have no proof of where they came from is it possible they come from the new sofa?

  18. Dewitt Troendle says:

    I had an experience with bed bugs and it frkeead me out. I woke up and my arm hurt like hell. My skin was super sensitive from these spider bites I had gotten earlier in the week so naturally I assumed it was a spider. Determined to give hell to whatever bug bit me, I searched underneath my pillow with the light on my cell phone and found this apple seed sized bug crawling away so I smashed it with my cell phone. Thankfully this was the ONLY one and I never want to see another one in my life!

  19. weight losing foods says:

    wash everything at at least 60 deegers which will kill them, vacuum everything including mattress more than once. open windows, they don’t like fresh air, anything you can’t vacuum shake out or wash with bleach.question of how many bites, they favour some people more than others, something to do with skin type/smell number of bites not necessarily an indication of how many there are. also if they are in a book next to the bed then there are loads already.

  20. says:

    Will never feel comfortable slnipeeg again, sitting in a movie theater or basically anything since they are everywhere!!!! Have only seen three bugs but have found several larvae looking things in shoes under my bed, in shoe boxes under my son’s bed and in a board game under my other son’s bed. Tore everything apart and have used lots of spray and bombs. The bombs did not kill the larvae under bed and I feel like I will forever be spraying poison all over our beds and floors. Plan to get diatomaceous earth and pray that it works. They say everything has a purpose but I would really love to know what is the purpose of bed bugs and all the other blood suckers because they make my skin crawl. I have bought vinyl mattress covers for my son’s beds but am not sure what I can do for mine and my husbands $3000 sleep number bed!!!! Really freaked and annoyed!! Any ideas for future protection for our mattress? Feel like if any of my friends find out that no one will want to be around us for fear of getting them. Would rather die from poisoning than have bugs!!!!

  21. food saver vacuum says:

    HINew to the forum but not to the pandemic. I live in Greenpoint. It’s been 3 weeks since my last bebudg sighting.How about an OpEd letter submitted to the Voice, the NY Times, and the Washington Post mentioning the bill, current stats v. those mentioned in the bill, and its shortcomings with respect to bailing out industry and ignoring the common residential taxpayer, not to mention lack of educational/ outreach/public health awareness?

  22. Rajendra says:

    I have read lots of your site content at this point and I thought I’d personally make a comment and just go on and state that you post astonishing information here on bed bugs and how to control bed bugs. Saved as a favorite this amazing site long ago and have been here for some time. Once more, many thanks for making this all easily readable for the open public.

  23. ترجمه انگلیسی says:

    Hi! I didn’t really ceinsdor the idea of a spider bite until today, over a week after

    the bite appeared. I didn’t think earlier because on that day I got up and rode

    quite heavily on my bicycle and was on my feet for around 6 hours. I thought I

    must’ve bruised my tailbone or tore some soft tissue as the wound in next to

    the tip of the tailbone, just inside the bum cheek. It is hard to see and I could

    just feel a hard bump, feel intense heat radiating from the area and feel the

    muscles quite tight in its close region.I’ve been in a lot of pain all week, unable

    to sit or lie on my back properly, and it wasn’t until the wound started oozing

    pus today that I came online and looked further into what could’ve caused this

    situation. I live in the South Adelaide Hills, and the wound looks most like

    photo number #21, just a bit larger and with angrier looking colour, from what I

    can tell. Could you forward on some information about what kind of spider it

    may have been and also how I can cure it? Thanks so much. ~Lisa

    • Stiu says:

      my friend had bebudgs becuase his cousin from brazil brought them when he viisited i slept over his house and in the morning found 4 or 5 bites on me. After i went home and took my clothes of at the door put them in a bag and then took a shower. *just in case* then when i went to bedi began to feel itch spots everywhere. But i don’t know if it’s because i have them or if its just me thinking about it. This had caused me to lose sleep the whole week. i havnt noticed any bites after i slept over.

  24. BedBugs says:

    he thought it was a bad skin inftoeicn It was getting darker and still was deep

    and felt firm about 2 inches around the bite. He prescribed an antibiotic

    Cefprozil 250 (two tabs twice a day) but I misread the label and only took one

    tablet that night.I awoke the next morning and the swelling and redness was

    almost completely GONE. 5 days after the event the lingering thing is the black

    spot. I’m still taking the antibiotic but know that it was probably not the thing

    that helped.6 days later-Skin was clear and no puffiness, itching, redness,

    nothing! Small marks where the tazer zapped look like pin pricks in a circle

    and the dot in the middle where it bit me. That’s it!BTW I also found the dead –

    confirmed- brown recluse spider on the floor beside where I keep my pajamas!

    I have photos of all this- spider and wound and wish I could show

    them.Another thing I used was a product called Stops the Sting that has been

    a miracle drug for wasp and bee stings. It relieved the itching.This is the

    fastest I’ve ever seen a wound heal and I worked as an RN for 25 years!

  25. akb48 dvd says:

    I have been examinating out some of your posts and i can claim pretty good stuff. its nothing but my dad says it is my mum doesn’t let me go to the doocrts it looks well you can see two wholes near each other looks quite deep but whats strange is that skin has grown over it but you can see through the skin and the wholes look at least half a centimeter deep and when you drag your finger over it exactly where the two wholes are there are bumps there and it is quite yellow but pink around i was wondering if you know what type of spider it was caused by and is the spider deadly and should i go to the doocrts its very sore and when ever i step it hurts what should i do and what spider is it caused by or if its a spider at all ?please email me if you knowthanks from Dina

  26. visual fractions says:

    On Wednesday I woke with a small bump on the left side of my bottom lip. At first I thhguot it was a fever blister starting. Later it hurt a lot more with a white head. So it thhguot it was a painful pimple, I popped it and that is when it started the worst burning feeling and so hot. That was at 10:00pm,and by 1:30am my lip had swollen 4 times its size. I could look down and see my lip perfectly with my gums threw my chin and in my throat. Went to the D.r. and she thhguot it was a spider bite but wasn’t sure . So now its Saturday and with antibiotics it still hurts. With pain and swollen and looks terrible. Everyone’s stories in one way or another sound like mine. I just hope it stops hurting. Any old wise tails out there to try for bed bug bites? Mind is open .

    • owner says:

      If it were bedbugs, you would be getting many more bites. So they are not your prime suspects!

      • Yusuke says:

        I simply want to mention I’m all new to blogs and absolutely enjoyed this web page. Almost certainly I’m want to bookmark your website . You definitely come with outstanding article content on bedbug symptoms. Appreciate it for sharing with us your web site.

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