How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs

The infestation begins when bedbugs find their way into your clothing or your personal things like bags. While hotels are a major bug source, these parasites can come from many other places like homes, malls, hospitals, buses, offices…you get the idea! Freeloading bedbugs breed rapidly, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Bed bugs are masters of hiding and can be tough to find even for seasoned professionals. Unfortunately, bedbug bites are usually the first signs of infestation.

The only way to know for sure that you have bed bugs is to find and identify a live bed bug or eggs in your home or premises. This is not easy; even for professional pest control exterminators who know exactly what they are looking for and where to look. Please read our materials and watch the video to help your efforts in finding and identifying bed bugs.

Bed bugs can be seen by the naked eye. However they hide very well in a lit room, so you will typically have to resort to finding clues like a detective. Once clues are found then you can step up the hunt for the bed bugs OR have a professional inspection done.

The most common signs of a bed bug (bedbug) infestation are:

  • Welts on your skin that itch. If you keep getting new bites at night after going to bed, then this is a very strong indication of bed bugs.
  • Small stains on your bedding, caused by the blood of crushed bed bugs
  • Fecal droppings on sheets, box spring and/or mattress that appear as small dark spots
  • Bed bug skins (which are thin shells)

While bed bug bites are in fact the most common symptom or sign of an infestation, other insects can also leave bites that are similar. These include: mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and mites.

If you detect any of these signs then begin your hunt.

Newborn bed bugs (nymphs) are the size of a poppy seed and are a pale yellow color.

Adults are red or brown and a little larger than the tip of an earphone plug.

Eggs are white and the equivalent of two grains of salt. They usually are seen in clusters.

 How To Find Bed Bugs – How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs


Free Download Fact Sheet:
How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs in My Mattress?
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  1. quest bars says:

    my friend had begbdus becuase his cousin from brazil brought them when he viisited i slept over his house and in the morning found 4 or 5 bites on me. After i went home and took my clothes of at the door put them in a bag and then took a shower. *just in case* then when i went to bedi began to feel itch spots everywhere. But i don’t know if it’s because i have them or if its just me thinking about it. This had caused me to lose sleep the whole week. i havnt noticed any bites after i slept over.

  2. Ebony Glaubke says:

    great article on where bedbugs come from

  3. Instantly Ageless says:

    mysterious bedbug bites at night that are red and itchy maybe an sign of an bed bug infestation that is a very, very serious concern that you must address shortly…

  4. Joette Wearrien says:

    enigmatic bed bites at night that are red and itchy maybe an hint of an bed bug infestation that is a very, very serious challenge that you must address speedily…

  5. Paris Dicocco says:

    arcane bed bug bites at evening that are red and itchy maybe an indication of an bed bug infestation that is a very, very critical issue that you must address promptly…

  6. says:

    With everything that appears to be developing within this specific area, all your perspectives happen to be fairly exciting. Even so, I beg your pardon, because I do not give credence to your entire suggestion, all be it exhilarating none the less. It looks to us that your remarks are actually not completely validated and in simple fact you are generally yourself not even entirely convinced of the argument. In any case I did appreciate reading it.

  7. Outdoor furniture stylish enough to come inside says:

    bed bug problem is that the riunous experience of bed bug infestations spread widely enough that people with access to power began to personally understand the nature of the problem. But this is what will happen when this particular moment, this equitable distribution of bed bug

  8. NFL camp preview: Steelers limp into 2013 seeking identity says:

    Yes, I know. And here I thought and was extiecd about a new research paper on bites and it’s just Dr. Goddard with the usual, and as far as I can see from early reports, with the same dismissive remarks. What disappointment. Yes, bed bugs do not transmit disease. Didn’t we know that already? I’m pretty sure Dr. Goddard himself has been telling us this forever. The public health importance of bed bugs does not derive from their potential to vector disease, but from their absolutely deleterious impact on our society. This is so elementary.Anyway thanks for stopping by.

  9. Symphony to honor George Mitchell's arts contributions says:

    Hi, so I was recently stinyag at my mom’s house in my sister’s room (2 weeks ago). I stayed there for 3 nights (luckily my power came back on the 4th night), and a week after I stayed there my sister called me to tell me she saw a bed bug in her room 🙁 . Here I am two weeks later and I have bites appearing on my arm, I have a feeling they’re bed bug bites but I have no idea! Any help is greatly appreciated. These pics are of the same bites above my elbow:

  10. oakley brillen günstig says:

    I honestly dont think if u had them u will ever be copemltely rid of them, it is so frustrating. Sorry to say this but it seeems that way, but i will tell your a good way to keep the suckers away is to buy a really good vaccumn cleaner and vaccumn twice a method i have found against these f**kers yet. Everyone in the family had them and I was one of the very few that didnt get infested and I believe the only one that did not have to get an exterminator due to my cleanliness OCD. lol

    • owner says:

      That is a very good program you have, but unfortunately it
      s not 100% foolproof. But it’s a lot better than nothing.

  11. Lauri Still says:

    very helpful article on finding out if I have bed bugs, since we are being bitten and the doctor can’t tell what we have.
    I got bit by something that got me good on both my arms and on my hands. It

    ihctes so bad and when i itch it it makes all the other bites go nuts. this was

    Friday in my bed its now late Tuesday night and its worse, and also found

    another spot i got bit.on the back of my leg and it looks like it bit me like six

    times on the same area on my leg. they are extremely painful and itch like

    nothing i ever had before. and they seem to scab up and have black holes in

    them, i have been feeling sick and very tired since this happened. i live in Las

    Vegas Nevada. Not sure what kind of spider has bitten me but should i go to

    the ER.? I feel like I’m burning up with fever. i have taken some antibiotics i

    had here at the house for days, no improvement. they just seem to get worse

    and now a few of them seem to be getting a red like going up my leg and arms.

    I want to know what kind of spider would continue to keep biting me and only

    on both arms and one leg. very sick and scared.

  12. Amazing issues here. I’m very satisfied to see your post. I live in Wisconsin where we have plenty of srpieds, so I would have assumed that the biting insect that I’ve got in my old apartment ( and that moved with me to the new one,) could have been a spider that comes out at night and bites. There is only one problem though I can usually see two symmetrical dots from the fangs, yet there is a third dot present a bit further from the first two. The bites are very itchy and they start swelling not right away in the morning, but by the middle of the day. (The bites keep on itching for weeks in a row.) The insect is more likely to crawl out at night when the temperature is hot and humid then it bites visciously ( I had to take my son to a doctor when he was younger; when he was bitten couple of times, he had bad allergic reaction and his leg was terribly swallen. Now at our new apartment there is no bugs in his room, but they keep on biting me in mine. They seem not to be afraid of Raid that I spray on the legs of my bed, and they crawl out only in the middle of the night, when I am fast asleep. Don’t know what to do any longer, since I can’t identify the insect. All I saw in our apartment during the day time were couple of srpieds and silver fish. The only time I have a break from this insect is when the first cold is settling in and it goes into hybernation. When the weather gets warm again, it comes back to life. The pest control did set up the insect traps in our old appartment, but they didn’t find anything. They’ve implied that it was all my imagination, allergic reaction whatever. Except for people who live in our old appartment told me that they are getting the same kind of bites at night, plus my co-worker recently noticed the bites on my arm and told me that her young daughter has got similar bites recently, and she had to take her to a doctor because of severe allergic reaction.Have no idea what to do any longer, I am at the end of my wits. So far I don’t see any picture that looks similar to the bites I have ( well, bed bugs bites or flea bites look kind of similar to begin with, but the pattern is very different those mysterious three dots; two close to each other, and the third one a bit further, as if the insect would have a tail that could sting as well. ( The bites are sometimes smaller and sometimes bigger depending on the size of the insects I assume.) Any advise how to deal with this problem how to identify and how to get rid of this insect? (Doctor didn’t have a clue what it could be, when I’ve brough my son in few years ago, but he knew for sure that it was an insect bite.)Any input would help – thanks in advance, H.

    • owner says:

      Sounds like you have exhausted most of your options. I suggest you hire a good exterminator to inspect the premises for signs of infestation. We also use dogs to sniff out bed bugs, which is another option. Regards!

  13. spy says:

    Never felt the bite. I have two bites. One on my left arm just below the elbow and one on my chest dead center beeetwn the pecks. This is day five and still a lot of redness around the bite (size of a quarter) and red blush and swelling on the arm. Not really that uncomfortable but it doesn’t seem to be getting better. I live on my ranch in the Hill country of Texas just 50miles west of Austin TX. I am guessing it is a spider but no idea what kind. I get bitten, cut, stomped on and lacerated on almost a daily basis but this one is strange. I usually recover very fast. Cuts in a couple of days and so on. This just stays swollen and inflamed. Curious. Anyway, I am counting on surviving but just thought you might like to see the photos.

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