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Your Home Infested with Bed Bugs?

Office Infested?


Has your home or office been invaded by bed bugs that are biting and spreading? See the photo and video below to determine if this is your problem and read how they can be killed.

We Can Help You!

Do-it-yourself sprays and treatments are temporary at best,
because you don’t know all the places that bed bugs hide and nest!

Call Us Before They Do This To You!

Bed bugs are an epidemic that many cities, like New York, are plagued with. It is getting worse so it’s important that you know the facts about these parasites.

  • Bedbugs feed on human blood primarily.
  • They feed at night, when we are most vulnerable.
  • Bed bugs can live for long periods of time without food and they multiply quickly.
  • They can travel easily from room to room or house to house on you or in luggage or furniture.

Left unchecked, bed bugs can spread to your drawers, closets and children’s rooms.


While some people try to get rid of bed bugs with sprays, they are not properly trained in locating exterminator200x200the  nesting sites and the many other locations that bedbugs may be living in. That’s why bed bugs will frequently return! Because they were never completely exterminated to begin with.
Pest control professionals will not only get the job done, but they will identify possible sources of re-infestation. This is most common in apartments with common walls. Improperly handled, bed bug infestations could lead to expensive replacements of bedding, clothing and the like so… PLEASE do it right the first time!

Call 347-292-7494 for a quote anytime and get treated As Soon As Possible!
We cover all boroughs in New York City, Brooklyn,
Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.  Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services available.


4 Responses so far.

  1. how to kill bed bugs says:

    I have been getting litlte light red bites on my feet and legs. There is a white clear fluid in the middle at first and it itches really bad. I am in the process of moving so there are a lot of boxes being moved. I’m freaked I may have bed bugs, however only sign is the bites and I did see around 12 spiders over the last few days as I have been moving. Also one day in my sheets, as I was taking them off to wash them. I saw what appeared to be a tiny red spider. If I have bed bugs, this is the first I have noticed of them. Should I throw my bed out and get a new one. I have to be out of my condo in three days and I am so scared I have already spread bugs into my new place.

    • owner says:

      You can spray the mattress/box spring and then buy encasements. These will seal the bugs inside and they need to be left on at least one year. YOu can buy these at out sister site: http://Bed-Bugs-Exterminators-NYC.COM

      • Lorena says:

        Home remedy that worekd for us!Hi! My five year old got bit by a spider and it looked exactly like the pictures of the Pimple bites mentioned above. The first day, we did nothing except keep a eye on it. It swelled up quite a bit, but didn’t seem to bother him to much. the bite was one his leg. The second day it got a large round pinkish area around the swelling and started to feel warm when we touched it. My husband took some tweezers and gently pulled off the white pimple part. He did not squeeze it. Then he went to the kitchen and got the Lawry’s season salt, put a pinch of it in a container added a bit of water, made a kind of paste and put it on his leg. Let it dry. He did it again, just before bedtime. The next morning, the swelling was gone, the redness was gone completely. My son, on day three now,just has a tiny dot on his leg. My husband is not a doctor, nor plays one on tv, but it worekd for us! Just thought I’d let ya know!

        Symptoms of Bed Bugs

    • Olga says:

      So here is my story. On Friday May 21, 2013 I hoped out of bed like usual, noticed that my right arm near apmrit was a bit sore. We had plans to take our kids to six flags, so I showed my husband and told him I think I must have been bit in my sleep by a spider. Go on to six flags and around noon i noticed that my arms looks red, like I had tiny flat bumps on my arms that somewhat resembled a sun burn, by six when the park was closing I noticed that my legs looks red. I was really thirsty. On the way home I developed chills and generally felt crappy. When I got home and jumped in the shower I saw that my entire body was red, bright red like I had been sun burned really badly, face puffy and I was freezing. I layed in bed with my legs crossed over one another and could tell my heart was beating fast. I called my mom and asked her if any of us children has ever had a reaction like this from a spider bite.Next morning woke up and told my husband I need to go the the dr, I felt as if I couldn’t keep my head up, i just wanted to lie down. when I get to the urgent care facility, the nurse taking my vitals thought I was sunburned( I had SPF 85 on the day before at the theme park) I assured her my entire body was red. My pulse was 158 and I had a weak pulse, and fever around 102. I was severely dehydrated so that wanted to start me on an Iv fluids. They had the hardest time finding my veins, which usually isn’t the case, finally the put me in a surgical type room in the clinic and the Dr came in to try his hand at finding a vein for the iv, he tilting me up and down, looking at my feet, tried several times in my jugular and started pulling down my pants looking for a deeper vein in my legs. The nurse thankfully felt like she found a lil vein in my hand and was sucessful. They were able to draw the blood and start the IV, He thought I had Toxic shock syndrome, so did a pelvic exam. Started me on two antibiotics at the clinic and sent me home with my iv still intact to come back the next day for more fluids and Iv. Sunday comes still running fever and looking a really puffy and still red and running fever. My arm just below the bite started looking purple and really swollen. Finished another round of antibiotics and went home. Monday I was to return to the clinic, and I did. There was another Dr there and he thought as well it was Toxic shock from a spider bite. I wasn’t feeling any better so we decided to play it safe and go the the ER for further evaluation. My white blood count was even higher that on Saturday and they started me on two more IV antibiotics and admitted me. Heart rate was around 130. Had antibiotic every eight hours. Tuesday the Infectious disease Dr came in and thought that I had a systemic reaction to a recluse spider bite. Took me off of antibiotics and put me on depsone for the necrosis. Two days later my hands and feet had red spots on them that felt like blisters, very painful esp to put your hands in warm water, my body started peeling like I had a sunburn. Area just under bite that was purple, turned into a scab and peeled off. Hand and feet peeled two weeks after the bite and cuticles on my hands and feet fell off.

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