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Bed Bug Dogs Are the Best Inspectors

K9 Bed Bug Inspections are The Most Accurate Bedbug-sniffing dogs, adorable yet stunningly accurate — entomology researchers at the University of Florida report that well-trained dogs can detect a single live bug or egg with 96 percent accuracy.

Human inspectors must rely on visible evidence of bedbugs or the bed bugs themselves. This is not easy especially since bed bugs hide in the daylight hours. If the infestation is new then evidence may be nearly impossible to spot.

Inspection costs are a big part of the decision for most people. However it is most important to know that if an infestation gets heavy, you will likely have to throw away perfectly good furniture and pay thousands of dollars to exterminate the bed bugs. So having an accurate read of your bed bug problem early, helps you (and the exterminator) treat the infestation effectively.

When should you call for a K9 inspection?

bed bug dogs are the most accurate inspectors -K9

Bed Bug Dogs

First Signs of Bed Bugs:
This is the most difficult time to find signs of bed bugs, because they have just entered your home and are beginning to multiply. Some of the typical evidence is not even there yet. You may suspect that you brought bed bugs from another location and have not even been bitten. Or possibly only a few bites here or there and you suspect bed bugs. All of these are best candidates for a K9 inspector, because there is very little for a human inspector to find yet.

Ex. 1- John finds out that his girlfriend’s apartment has bed bugs. He hasn’t been bitten yet, but she has. There is a good chance some may have hitch-hiked to John’s apartment, so he should have a K9 bed bug inspection.

Ex. 2- Melissa heard that her neighboring apartment has bed bugs and Melissa has two infants. She could wait to see if anyone is bitten…or to play it safe have a K9 inspection.

Ex. 3 – An inspector was unable to find any signs of bed bugs, so a K9 bed bug dog was brought in to check because Amy was still getting bitten.

Bedbug sniffing dogs – Maria Betzios pkg

 The Earlier You Detect Bed Bugs, the Cheaper and Easier It Is To Stop The Infestation!

BBCCnewLOgo Our certified dog handlers have been inspecting for bed bugs since 2009, and are available 7 days a week to help you. Simply call for a free quote.


People Being Bitten for Weeks- You May Have Seen a Bug:
The medium level infestation will be characterized by ongoing bites (not necessarily every night). You may even have spotted a small reddish-brown bug which could be a bed bug (looks like a watermelon seed). Human inspectors have a good chance of identifying the infestation, so you can try them first.

Heavy Infestation is Characterized by Repeated Bites and Bed Bugs You Will See:
Dogs not necessary since this is quite easy to identify. Save the money because you will need it for repeated treatments.

For more information on bed bug sniffing dogs, please refer to the articles listed below.

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Bed bug infestation cases are on the rise in New York City. Since 2000, the cases have steadily risen by 81%. This figure has been provided by the National Pest Management Association. Alarming though these statistics are, relief is being provided by the Bedbug sniffing dogs, which ensure accurate detection and effective treatment. – Jul 28, 2011

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Sniffer dogs are trained to use the sense of smell to find various substances, from animals, drugs, and mould to firearms and explosives, humans, plants, and even bed bugs. Dogs have been used for centuries for their heightened sense of smell, and their use in detecting bed bugs has become increasingly popular in recent years. Of course, a house dog with a strong sniffer can be trained as a detection dog, but you shouldn’t expect your beloved friend to find bugs for you without any training. Indeed, special training from a professional handler is required for dogs to detect bed bugs; but once trained, dogs are especially effective in flushing out these annoying and resilient creatures. – Dec 15, 2011

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Bed bugs and their pictures are plastered over the news these days and home and business owners throughout Manhattan are desperately seeking help for their bed bug problems. Have you got bed bugs? Do you know what to look for when trying to identify a bed bug problem? Believe it or not, these annoying pests that have caused such an uproar in New York City are tiny and very difficult to detect. Recently, canine bed bug detection has been employed by pest control professionals to detect bed bug problems quickly and accurately. – Nov 28, 2010

Pest Control: Canine Bed Bug Detection by Courtney Wadey

Bed bugs are very mobile pests; attaching themselves to people, luggage and personal belongings and have proved to be a very challenging pest for home and business owners across the country. The key to bed bug control is early detection, and using bed bug detecting canines is the fastest and most effective method of bed bug detection. – Jan 11, 2011

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Bed bug infestation is a growing problem all across America and although it’s a problem everyone would rather be without, it’s creating quite a lot of business activity for some savvy entrepreneurs with their eyes and ears open to opportunity. At the time of publishing this article most of the attention given to the problem, from a business point of view, has primarily been about exterminating them. Now another angle has emerged from which entrepreneurs can make money, and that is in the “locating” of the pesky critters. – Sep 19, 2010

K9 Bed Bug Detection Teams by Alex Pupkin

Dogs have a highly sensitive sense of smell that some pest control specialists have started to utilize, especially in detecting bed bugs. As our society turns its focus to more environmentally friendly means of solving problems, including pest control, K9 bed bug detection teams are becoming very popular. Although a relatively new method for finding and eradicating bed bugs, these methods provide a number of benefits. Detecting bed bugs with dogs is safer and more ecologically sound, but this kind of detection is also highly specified as dogs can detect live bed bugs and viable eggs. – Feb 20, 2012


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