The Bed Bug Prevention Bible- Press Release


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Company: Bed Bug Control Center™

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Bed Bug Control Center™ Publishes The Bed Bug Prevention Bible

More and more families are suffering the physical, emotional, social and financial pain of bed bug infestations because bed bugs are spreading much faster than they can be controlled. In response to the need of increasing public awareness, Bed Bug Control Center is pleased to announce the release of “The Bed Bug Prevention Bible,” the most comprehensive guide to preventing bed bugs from getting into one’s home.

Packed with over 40 practical tips on bed bug prevention, the Bible also features a special section on how to bed-bug-proof your home on a budget. Learn why an infestation will cost $1,000 to over $3,000 to deal with and get an introduction to bed bugs. A resource page links to other sites that have much more vital information on bed bugs.

To date, The Bed Bug Prevention Bible is the most complete and comprehensive guide ever published and is now available for free. The Bed Bug Control Center (NYC) is doing its’ part to increase public awareness, because knowledge of bed bugs and their signs is the most important weapon we have in this daunting battle.

The Bed Bug Control Center in New York City is dedicated to offering exceptional pest control services. They are also committed to keeping businesses and households bed bug free.


Preventing bed bugs from crawling around one’s home is now possible. For further details, visit their website at
To get a free copy of The Bed Bug Prevention Bible, click here:

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