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Bed bugs populations are growing so we offer you this wide range of information and experience. The best and latest bed bug resources on preventing, finding and killing bed bugs.

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Wikipedia Wikipedia- Detailed information about bed bugs, which are parasitic insects.
Orkin Read about bed bug detection and how bedbugs can hitchike on luggage an enter your premisis. Discover more information about treatment methods, bites, and what bed bugs look like.
US EPA US EPA preventing, identifying and treating bed bug infestations.
NYC Health & Mental Hygiene Bed bug infestations are on the rise. There are steps that can be taken to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home. When bed bugs are present, they can be safely controlled.
NYC Pest Control Center If you need excellent pest control in New York City, please visit NYC Pest Control Center
Kill Bed Bugs Kill Bed Bugs is your best source for natural, organic bed bug treatments. Prevention and exterminating products for your home, business or commercial institution.
Brooklyn Bed Bug Control If you live in Brooklyn, then please consider using our specialist. The latest extermination treatment options for getting rif of bed bugs, are offered.

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  1. Frank Marcus says:

    would you allow we copy some content from the article? Thanks.

  2. Hi, nice article. I really like it! very interesting points on bed bug control you have mentioned , thankyou for posting .

  3. Paijo says:

    Pam,When I was doing Internet research on my illsens I found many people with your experience. Sometimes it takes years to get the correct diagnosis. I’m glad you were finally diagnosed correctly.Thanks for your concern. I think I’m OK, but as you know only time will tell. If I make it through tonight without having an outbreak that will be two full days without one. My last outbreaks were smaller than before. Although they seemed to be extra itchy to make up for being small. Assuming I am at the end of this medical mystery the diagnosis is a skin infection. I’ll never know how or when I was exposed but that’s what seems to be going on.Take care,Marsha

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